05 July 2018
Photonics 4 Ceramics
Fotónica21 (in coopercon la colaboración de PLATECMA) organizes a Workshop on Photonics applications in the Cermics and Glass sectors. The workshop will be hosted within the RNO (Reunión Nacional de Óptica) in Castellón, Valencia, the next 5th of July.


Fotónica 21 organizes the comming Workshop on Photonics Applications in the fields of Ceramics and Glass (#P4Ceramics), en the framework of the XII Reunión Nacional de Óptica.

The workshop will count with the participation of relevant speakers in the areas of photonic and optical technologies, and in the ceramics and glass industries, which will discuss the applications of lasers and light based technologies in different problems of the ceramics industry, from the technical point of view, looking for future challenges and trends.

The workshop will count with 15 minutes talks, which will then open for discussion and debate. Moreover, a Round Table will be held with representatives of the manufacturers, industrialists and technologists , so the priorities and needs from the sector can be identified and discussed.

  • Venue: Facultat de Ciències Jurídiques, Castellón, Valencia


  • Program
 9.00-9.15  Registration

Welcome and opening

  • Ignacio Moreno,  (SEDOPTICA).
  • Gustavo Mallol, (Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica).



 Funding Instruments in Comunitat Valenciana, Spain, and Europe
  • Javier Mínguez (Comunitat Valenciana)  IVACE Innovación.
  • Carlos Toledo (Spain)  CDTI 
  • Santiago Royo (Europe)  Photonics21/EuroPho


Round table: The industrial sector of ceramics and photonic technologies.

Moderator: Dr. Juan Carda (Full Profesor in Universitat Jaume I)


  • José Ribera Facundo (Invest Plasma)
  • Ester Barrachina (Univ. Jaume I)
  • Juan José Montoro (President, Technical Ceramic Association)
  • Carlos Vivas Peris (Zschimmer and Schwarz)
11.10-11.40  Networking Coffee-Break
11.40-12.00  Laser Ultrasonics for on-line and off-line monitoring of green ceramic tiles
  • Prof. Gian Marco Revel (Università Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona)
 12.00-12.20  Ceramics for Photonics: Some examples
  • Dr. Rosa Merino (Aragón Materials Science Institute, ICMA)
 12.20-12.40  Photovoltaic ceramic supports of calcogenours layers for their architectural integration
  • Dr. Iván Clavet (Universitat Jaume I)
 12.40-13.00  Measurement of the visual appearance of ceramic products
  • Dr. F.M. Martínez-Verdú (Universitat d’Alacant)
 13.00-13.20  Applications of thermography for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in the ceramic sector.
  • Javier Bezares (BCB, Madrid)
 13.20-13.30  Closing
  • Pablo Romero (Fotonica 21)


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