Conference on biophotonics including in vivo, tissue, high resolution and biomechanical imaging.
22-23 August 2016, Dundee, Scotland

The two day conference in the area of biophotonic approaches at the interface of life sciences will cover all aspects of the topic, including in vivo, tissue, high resolution and biomechanical imaging. This will be an open meeting for a wide audience of physicists and biologists alike, to discuss recent cutting-edge advances at the interface of these fields. The program will include talks from invited speakers and the PHOQUS PhD students. In addition, contributions for oral and/or poster presentations are invited. The conference is free to attend and you can find more information on the conference, including invited speakers and details on how to register or submit an abstract for a poster or contributed talk, at the conference website.

The conference is organised by the PHOQUS project (PHOtonic tools for QUantitative imaging in tissues), an interdisciplinary PhD programme funded by the European Union’s FP7 through Marie Curie Actions, that brings together scientists from a variety of backgrounds to work at the interface of Physics and the Life and Medical Sciences. It aims to develop and implement novel imaging tools for applications in biophysics, super-resolution imaging, micro-endoscopy, and medical diagnostics.