Fotónica21: The Spanish Photonics Technology Platform


The Spanish Photonics Technology Platform, Fotónica21, encompasses the main players in the sector in Spain. It was created in order to coordinate activities at the national level mirroring those carried out in the European Technology Platform Photonics21.

As in other European technology platforms, the main objective of Fotónica21 is to efficiently structure the industrial innovation process of photonic technology and its applications in four economic sectors identified as key:


Information and Communication Technologies


Industrial Manufacturing processes


Life Sciences


Lighting and Displays

Likewise, three intersectoral activities are proposed: Security and Sensors, Optical Components and Systems, and Basic Research and Training.

The technologies and capabilities covered by our members are, among others: optical sensors, laser: microfabrication, fiber optics, ICT, cell treatment, microscopy, ….

One of the main objectives of Fotónica21 is to increase Spanish participation in the Horizon Europe, the European Commission research and innovationfunding Programme (2021-2027), where opportunities can be found both for photonics technology advances and for all sort of photonics application domains.

The specific objectives pursued by Fotónica21 are:

Contribute to defining a strategic research agenda for the Spanish photonics industry, in Photonics21’s target sectors and in those others that are considered to have an impact on a European level.
Influence the implementation of the Photonics21 SRA, taking into account the previously defined agenda for Photonics21.
Transfer to European forums the strategies agreed in Fotónica21 to update the SRA, and that these strategies are reflected in the work programs of the European Commission.

Strategic Research Agenda

The definition of a Strategic Research Agenda is one of the main objectives of the platform, since through this instrument it will be possible to implement Fotónica21’s vision.

The research priorities that will be reflected in Fotónica’sStrategic Research Agenda should be aligned with the reality of photonic technology in Spain, considering both the aspects of industrial development and the advancement in scientific knowledge, in the areas of interest identified within the following fields of activity:

  • Information and Communication Technologies
  • Industrial manufacturing processes
  • Life sciences
  • Lighting and Displays

Likewise, a series of horizontal activities are identified that allow channelling industrial development and the generation of knowledge in the aforementioned fields of activity. These horizontal activities are: Security and Sensors, Optical Components and Systems, and Basic Research and Training.

Code of Good Practice and Internal Regime

The Code of Good Practice and Internal Regime intends to serve as the operating code of the Spanish Photonics Technology Platform, Fotónica21 (see attached file below)


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