Printing Innovation Zone

Printing Innovation Zone is a space for the dissemination of new functional and 3D printing technologies that has a place in the Transfiere Forum.

Fotónica 21, is part of this technological alliance made up of a total of seven Technology Platforms:

  • 3NEO: Event coordinator. Spanish Technology Platform for Advanced Printing, framed in the category “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, New Materials and New Industrial Processes” of the Catalogue of Platforms of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. 3NEO has more than 130 members among universities, research centers, business associations and companies, representing the industrial and business fabric of the advanced printing sector.
  • Platecma: Technology platform of traditional manufacturing sectors.
  • Materplat: Spanish Technology Platform for Advanced Materials and Nanomaterials.
  • Fotónica21: Spanish Technology Platform for Photonics.
  • Move2Future: Spanish Automotive Technology Platform
  • PAE: Spanish Aerospace Technology Platforma

Printing Innovation Zone is a technological demonstration that can be visited at ForoTransfiere. New developments based on functional printing, printed electronics and 3D printing are presented for a set of sectors and activities. In addition, results of the latest research in the area of technologies, software applications, advanced materials and development of printed functional devices are also collected.