9 April 2013, UCL, North Cloisters, London

The photonics technology roadshow brings together UK’s top photonics technology supplier companies, leading researchers and invited speakers for a very special one-day event. Visitors will be able to attend a free conference and visit an exhibition from 25 leading suppliers of photonics technologies.

Photonics underpins many promising approaches for medical diagnosis, drug development, treatment & other clinical and life science applications. The main theme of the meeting looks at the Advances in photonics tools and techniques for the life sciences. The technical programme committee under the stewardship of Dr Chris Dunsby, Imperial College London, has invited ten leading researchers, each expert in their particular field, to present their latest innovations and developments. The intention is to not only give a good grounding in a particular technique but to demonstrate how photonics and other disciplines collaborate to successfully tackle diverse and complicated issues.

Within the programme is a talk on Optogenetics by Prof Dimitri Kullmann, Professor of Neurology at UCL. It’s a new technique in the field of neuroscience which involves genetically engineering neurons to respond to light, and then using lasers or light-emitting diodes to stimulate and control their firing.

The second strand of the conference is a programme of photonics tutorials entitled Latest photonics techniques and instrumentation presented by scientists from UCL together with technical experts from the exhibiting companies. This programme will provide an introduction to scientists in research and industry considering using a particular technique for their work.

Advance registration is essential for the conference, forms should be completed on-line. There is no fee to attend. You can find any further details on following event website: