El Quantum Nanophotonics Laboratory ubicado en San Sebastián, ofrece plazas de Doctorados y Postdoctorados. Si te interesa, a continuación tienes las características de las ofertas y la información de contacto:

The Quantum Nanophotonics Laboratory is a recently established laboratory sited in the vibrant city of San Sebastian in Northern Spain. The laboratory focuses in the interaction of quantum light and matter and is pursuing several research lines including quantum sensors, scattering of light from small particles, quantum communications, quantum levitation, optical trapping and fluorescence microscopy. The Laboratory is led by Ikerbasque Research Professor Gabriel Molina-Terriza.

The QNL is looking for PhD students and postdoctoral fellows in different positions funded by the Ikur Quantum initiative and other national and international research projects. The projects that are available include:

PhD positions:
• 2 PhD position on Quantum Control of Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond
• PhD position on Manipulation of States of Light to Control Scattering from Nanoparticles
• PhD position on Quantum regimes of Optical Levitation of small particles
• PhD position on Propagation of quantum states of light in multimode fibers
PhD position on Preparation of a Quantum Squeezed Light interacting with nanostructures

Postdoctoral positions:
• Postdoctoral position on Quantum Control of Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond
• 2 Postdoctoral positions on Quantum enhanced inertial sensors
• Postdoctoral position on Propagation of quantum states of light in multimode fibers

Applications should be sent directly to qnanolab@gmail.com clearly stating in the subject the position that the candidate is applying to (eg. PhD on Quantum Control of Nitrogen Vacancy Centers in Diamond). The candidates should attach to the email their CV, a motivation letter and two letters of reference.

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