TEKNIKER-IK4 allows academic users and industrial customers to access the latest laser micromachining facilities and laboratories

Short pulse laser irradiation has the ability to bring material into a highly non-equilibrium state and provides unique insights into material behavior under extreme conditions that can hardly be achieved by any other method. This technology allows precision ablation of virtually all materials without significant heat affected zone (metals, polymers, ceramics, highly reflective materials, etc.), little plasma absorption effects thus improved ablation efficiency, little redeposition, etc.

One of the major goals of TEKNIKER-IK4 is to provide access to top-quality laser micro-manufacturing facilities for scientists and industry all over Europe. Access is granted free of charge to successfully evaluated research proposals. If the results of your experiment are to be published proper credit must be given to the TEKNIKER-IK4 staff members participating in the experiment and proper mention must be made of the TEKNIKER-IK4 facilities.

TEKNIKER-IK4 offers job shop services of industrial parts by using our ultrafast pulsed lasers. The precision laser job shop provides services like proof of principle trials, process development and batch production.