ESR 1: Aston University (UK): “Advanced Raman amplification schemes and ultra-long fibre lasers for coherent optical communications” Reference number R140053.
ESR 2: Aston University (UK): “Harnessing of noise and polarisation in fibre Raman lasers and systems” Reference number R140058.
ESR 3: KTH (Sweden): “Integrated Si-photonics components for high-speed optical communication systems: waveguides, TWEA and nonlinear EO polymer modulators” Reference number R140060.
ESR 4: KTH (Sweden): “Optical sources for advanced modulation formats providing spectral-efficient and energy-efficient modulation” Reference number R140060.

ESR 5: DTU (Denmark): “Synthesis and real-time implementation of DSP algorithms for nonlinearity mitigation” Reference number R140060.
ESR 6: IO-CSIC (Spain): “Distributed amplification and optimal power management for impairment reduction in long-haul coherent optical transmission systems”. Reference Number R140060.
ESR 7: IO-CSIC (Spain): “Optimization of nonlinearly-assisted technologies for coherent optical communications” Reference number R140060.
ESR 8: UCL (UK): “Reduced complexity DSP for access and MIMO digital coherent receivers” Reference number R140060.
ESR 9: VPI (Germany): “Innovative paradigms for cross layer photonics modelling” Reference number R140060.
ESR 10: Acreo – Swedish ICT “Flexible spectrum allocation in optical networks”. Reference number R140060.
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