Find your future project and business partners
24 – 25 April, 2013; Veldhoven, the Netherlands

The Photonics Event in the Netherlands is accompanied by a brokerage event. The Enterprise Europe Network Netherlands, powered by Syntens and NL Agency, invites you to participate in this event which takes place on both days of the fair. This Photonics Brokerage Event enables participants to find partners for technological cooperation, e.g. product development, research & development, joint ventures, manufacturing, marketing or licensing agreements worldwide. At the Photonics Brokerage Event 2013 – by means of previous arranged one on one meetings with relevant contact persons of your choice – companies, universities and research institutes are invited to establish new cross-border contacts for future collaboration.

The Photonics Brokerage pursues following aims:

  • Matching you to potential project and/orbusiness partners
  • Discovering innovative solutions to technological problems
  • Identifying partners for research anddevelopment projects
  • Identifying relevant business partners fordistributing your products or services abroad
  • Strengthening and supporting the international dialogue

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