The Polish Technology Platform for Photonics (PPTF) is working on a dedicated photonics job board for specialists fleeing war in Ukraine. The PPTF just launched PhotonicAidForUkraine (PA4UA) – the optic and photonics jobs and assistance for war refugees from Ukraine.

This service was prepared by PPTF together with their partners Candela Foundation and WaveJobs. Our aim is to allow specialists in optics and photonics to continue their professional development. There is already enormous destruction caused by the Russian aggression and this initiative aims at preserving the unique competencies of people, so they would use their full potential to rebuild the country after the war.

For that a job service has been launched– just a technology-specific one, to help find the best matching job and provide necessary assistance – in Ukrainian, English, and Polish. PA4UA is publishing offers for non-photonics positions in photonic organisations too – hoping to make the relatives or friends work next to each other, to add some comfort in the extreme situation of forced emigration.

PA4UA is 100% free for users and employers. Registration of users is advised but not required. Besides registration data, no information on users is recorded nor stored. Companies and organisations should register for quick placing an offer online: Placing an offer is free for Job Type [Photonic Aid For Ukraine] selected.

The initiative was endorsed by OPTICA, SPIE, and Polish Chapter of IEEE Photonics Society. It’s financed by PPTF, Candela, and WaveJobs with financial support from OPTICA.

In order to reach everyone interested, sharing the address of PA4UA: would be much appreciated.

In case of doubt or need for more information, please contact:

Maciej J. Nowakowski
Dyrektor Operacyjny | Director of Operations
Polska Platforma Technologiczna Fotoniki
+48 787 863 888
ul. Poznańska 129/133 | 05-850 Ożarów Maz. | Poland